Big Comfy Sweater

Finding a way to be comfortable, warm and put together a decent outfit is something some people struggle with. Especially in the transition into professional gear! I hope this outfit gives you some inspiration :)

Nothing like the word 'ME' on a huge, ivory sweater.

Basically, anything that hides my tummy after a delicious comfort-food meal in the middle of fall is the kind of outfit I plan on donning all season.

Layering is the answer to everything when it's cold!


Styled by TAARIK: Scarf Season!

I know some of you had your scarves ready way back in August, but now it's officially time to stock up on some beautifully designed scarves.

We are super excited about working with this designer! She has her products made and dyed in India and Ethiopia by local artisans. Even better, a portion of the proceeds goes back to the two countries in support of education for young girls.

Can you see the hint of brown in the scarf's design?

In addition to being super warm, the designer did a really wonderful job of creating prints and patterns true to her background (Ethiopian).

We threw different lighting edits onto the images so you can see all shades of this one.

Want more from this collection? Shop here!

Learn more about this designer here.


'Not Going On a Safari' Khaki Look

I can be too literal for my own good. 

I'm not one for flowing tanks usually, mostly because they morph my shape rather than flatter it. However, paired with some height and a good set of straight leg skinny pants, the top becomes a hit-you-at-the-right-curve piece.

If I was trying to hide some belly, though, this would work really well.

Of course, our lovely jewelry to accompany the look...

Midi Rings from Tnemnroda; Julide and Tuktu II Ring from Pradagee; Vintage Rope bracelet; Sadik Cuff in Green from Pradagee; Bag from DKNY.


Runway Inspiration: DKNY (part 2)

Another great moment in the show came with a pinstriped piece that inspired this next outfit. 

Two piece outfits have transformed into various forms in most recent trends and the cropped top suit has gained huge popularity. For many, it's a flattering way to show the midriff without seeming 'overexposed'.

We love this pinstriped set from Zara and decided to style it with some more of our favorite jewelry.

Earrings: Seref in Pearl from Pradagee; Bracelet: Sadik Cuff in Lapis Lazuli from Pradagee

Also - I'm obsessed with navy blue! It took  me a while to realize how much I needed to make it a more regular color in my wardrobe, but I'm slowly making that happen. Our navy blue and gold jewelry made me realize how much I also need it in my personal accessories collection!

Ring: Hami from Pradagee; Bracelet: Sadik Cuff from Pradagee; Ring: Julide Ring from Pradagee


Runway Inspiration: DKNY

Last night's DKNY show debuting their Spring/Summer 2016 collection was full of life! Everyone seemed to love the brand's recreated identity. 

Though DKNY has always presented itself in forms of straight lines and structured pieces, we were really inspired by this rich color and texture and felt like styling this mustard yellow dress from Zara and paired it with some of my favorite earrings.

Dress: Zara; Hat: H&M

Maybe we're feeling a little SS16 ourselves?

Earrings: Pradagee


Rings: (Left) Tnemnroda, (Middle) Pradagee, (Right) Pradagee; Bracelet: Pradagee


Date Ready: Accessorizing

I came across a Buzzfeed post featuring 36 photos of Italy in the Fifties. I strongly believe there are certain eras in fashion that will always remain classic periods - ones that we can always be inspired by. Be it the way things were tailored or the things the women's clothes accentuated and communicated somehow always spoke to the true essence of femininity in this decade.

That being said, I was inspired by the idea of a photo shoot by the Mediterranean. What would I wear to a dinner date on the coast of Piraeus? 

What makes any outfit complete is how you choose to accessorize it. 

Ready for my date!


Cobalt, Denim, Lapis Lazuli

The weather's certainly cooled down this week in NYC, but it hasn't sent me into unpacking my fall items just yet! With some warm makeup tones and a neutral top, this denim look was easy to accessorize.

I knew I wanted to show off my blue and gold jewelry, but in order to bring it out, I made sure that the denim I chose was a complementary shade of blue.

Top: Pradagee; Denim Skirt: Zara

This skirt fit just perfectly, and I've got a little bit of hip, so I loved the way it fit!

From Left to Right: Bracelets from Turkey + Ethiopia; Mikail Ring from Pradagee; Hami Ring from Pradagee, Cartier Watch; Sadik Cuff from Pradagee

I have fun with the camera too!

I love my vintage items. When my dad took photography classes in his younger days, he bought this neat Canon which I've kept for my own display purposes.

My good friend gifted me with this Stylist's Guide to NYC when I first moved here. Inside is a full guide to thoughtfully selected shops, boutiques and restaurants that any stylist would love.

Happy Shopping!


Birthday Beauty

Someone at Pradagee has a birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a gift from Fresh!

Unwrap the gift with us to find out what's inside!

There's nothing like a well-presented present.

Peeking in...

There it is!

There it is!

Ah! Can't wait to be smothered in this wonderful product. Reviews will be up soon!